Committee Chairs - The Exchange Club of Stamford 2005 - 2006
President - Kevin Petersen
Past President - George A. Ritchie
Vice President - Dave Metzgar
Secretary - Peter Clarke
Treasury - Jim Benjamin
Phil Brown
Scott Kelly
Vin Freccia
Frank Cavaliero
George Christiansen
Nino Antonelli - Give a kid a Flag
Barry Bassest - Induction Verification
Mike Beluk - Game Night, Clydes Grab Bag
Frank Brown - Game Night, Clydes Grab Bag, Speaker Chairman
Rich Boldrighini - Game Night
Chairman Emeritus - Golf Outing, Candy Sale
AL Koproski - One Nation under God
Bill Lasko - Exchange Family Picnic, Junior Achievement
John Meehan - Game Night
Constantine Petrov - Induction Verification, Fireman of the Year, Junior Achievement
David Metzgar - Candy Sale, Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Mike Mezzapelle - Game Night, Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Doc Poczabut - Candy Sale
Dino Reda - Give a kid a Flag
Ernie Saladi - Over 60 Christmas Party
Frank Cavaliero - Candy Sale, Freedom Shrine, Game Night, Clydes Grab Bag, Over 60 Christmas Party
George Christiansen - One Nation under God, Valentine Lunch, Membership
Co-Chair George Ritchie - Induction Verification, Golf Outing, Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Give a kid a Flag, One Nation under God, Valentine Lunch, Annual Meeting
Co-Chair George Seiler - Golf Outing, Speaker Chairman
Gerard Smith - House, Picnic
Jim Benjamin - Junior Achievement
Jim Walsh - Fireman of the Year
Cathy Petrov - Valentine Lunch
Kevin Kelly - Salvation Army Bell Ringing, Policeman of the Year
Kevin Petersen - House, Public Relations
Marc Lyons - Golf Outing, Policeman of the Year, Membership
Nino Antonelli - Speaker Chairman, One Nation under God
Paul Troy - Over 60 Christmas Party, Freedom Shrine
Peter Clarke - Public Relations, Technology Committee
Phil Brown - Picnic, Clydes Grab Bag, Junior Achievement, One Nation under God
Ralph Antonacci - Valentine Lunch
Robert Hagan - Speaker Chairman
Ron Carlucci - Picnic
Sal Chiapetta - Golf Outing
Sandy Vanech - Picnic
Scott Kelly - One Nation under God
Thomas Bartram - House, Picnic
Vin Freccia - Golf Outing, Membership, Annual Meeting